What is Cytoreum ?

CYTOREUM is a utility/payment token initiated by William Tan (founder of CAPITAL.my and former CEO of Global Bridge Capital inc) with a team of blockchain experts.

The purpose is to create a more vibrant, efficient and dynamic capital market based on blockchain technology.

CYTOREUM ecosystem includes an ICO / STO launching platform + built-in exchange for investing and trading of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Our vision is to build CYTOREUM into a leading crypto capital marketplace for investors and companies to achieve their growth objectives in an intelligent, secure and efficient manner.

blockchain essential for Cytoreum

To tokenize assets

Blockchain will allow Cytoreum to implement the tokenization of assets. It can execute commercial transactions and agreements automatically. It also enforces the obligations of all parties in a contract – without the added expense of a middleman.

To build a decentralized platform

The use of smart-contracts will enable the full decentralization of the Cytoreum platform and its services, including transparency and traceability of transactions; speeding up and simplifying cross-border payments; greater trade accuracy, & a shorter settlement process.

Key Components of Cytoreum Ecosystem

  • Private ICO / STO Platform

    CYTOREUM will operate a fully regulatory compliant platform for businesses to raise funds via ICO or STO. Our private ICO / STO platform provide a sophisticated and targeted environment for intelligent deal sourcing and matching.

  • Built-in Exchange

    CYTOREUM innovative private ICO / STO platform is fully integrated with a built-in Exchange, enabling investors to trade asset backed securities and utility tokens on the platform via crypto and fiat currency pairing.

  • E-Wallets & Debit Card

    CYTOREUM users will be able to manage both Crypto and fiat holdings within the platform. They will also have the opportunity to exchange their Cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies within the CYTOREUM exchange.

  • CYTOREUM Reserve Fund

    A liquid, transparent and inclusive venture fund which also provides an extra layer of liquidity to CYTOREUM Exchange platform

  • ICO / STO Advisory

    From designing your ICO / STO tokenomics to funding execution and investor relations, our aim is to create a higher rate of sustainable funding success for your company.

ICO / STO Roadmap

Cytoreum Exchange Solutions

Cytoreum will do exchange and trading platform similar to G3 from Dr Saw, and as a Decentralized exchange can offer the following-


Lower Fees

Lower fees than most Crypto exchanges, with transaction fees at a flat 0.5% + there is no limit on trade volumes


Faster Transaction Times

The exchange is built on Stellar Lumens, which transacts at 1,500 / second, in order to offer drastically quicker trades and limiting downtime risk


Higher Security

Reduced hacking risk as traders will hold their own "private keys" in addition to triple factor authentication


Security and Utility Token Trading

Primary and secondary market trading of security and utility tokens, with more trading options than most Crypto exchanges.


Tokenize Securities

Security Token Offering(STO) allows any kind of company (blockchainbased or not) to issue equity tokens on Cytoreum platform, in a public or private placement.


Investor Accreditation + Compliance

Investor accreditation verification and KYC, AML built in. Ability to embed subscription agreements and other smart contracts

Token Economy

Payment method within the CYTOREUM Ecosystem

Companies wishing to issue tokens via CYTOREUM platform will have to contribute a certain amount of CYTOREUM tokens to the platform as platform fees. Investors will be able to acquire these newly-issued tokens by paying in CYTOREUM tokens. External experts and community members will receive CYTOREUM tokens in exchange for their services.



Cytoreum can be sold on most of the popular exchanges, trade directly between Cytoreum holders (peer to peer), or buy back by our reserve fund. *terms and conditions applied.



CYTOREUM token holders will be given exclusive rights on the CYTOREUM platform. These will include early bird access and whale-like bonuses when acquiring tokens launch on our platform, and being exempt from trading fees on the CYTOREUM exchange.

Cytoreum Wallet

Cytoreum Exchange will also have a Cytoreum Wallet, available on a laptop, desktop or mobile device, which will offer the following services

  • Manage traditional currency and Crypto currency balances

  • Send and receive Crypto currencies

  • Link preferred Cytoreum to Cytoreum debit card for spending


Cytoreum Team

Cytoreum founding officers and management consist of Blockchain technical leaders, banking and investment professionals, and other leading technology thinkers, thereby ensuring the execution of the Cytoreum plan.


William Tan

Chief Executive Officer

CEO at Global Bridge Capital, Inc. USA An independent financial advisory group with a focus on private equity (PE), venture capital (VC), IPO / cross border listing, capital raising, merger & acquisition and investment

Founder of CAPITAL.com.my A leading business introduction platform that connecting Investors, Entrepreneurs & Alternative Funding Sources.

Actively involved in private equity, business banking and cross border capital raising for the past 20 years and has a deep understanding of the investor relations roles as well as the challenges of raising money.

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Samuel Lee

Chief Technology Officer

CEO | CTO | Technology Advisor | Software Business Strategist | Blockchain | Fintech

Over 20 years of software business experience consulting, designing and developing enterprise applications, from small projects that serve small businesses to the large-scale products that reach hundreds of millions of businesses and participants through the effectsof product networks. He has provided nationwide supply chain solution and implementation for billion-dollar companies like Berjaya Sports Toto and F&N to name a few. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Computer and Information Science in South Australia University.

Over the past 3 years, he has built up his blockchain dedication to transform web 2.0 platform into the future blockchain technology as well as the inside architecture of blockchain mining. Since then, he has started supply chain IoT and lifestyle mining research and development to do video mining, drive mining and walk mining to name a few. Nevertheless, he was part of numerous ICOs that developed online shopping mall with million products, venture capitalist ICO crowdfunding, R3 Corda blockchain banking system, travel system, chat app with wallet as well as exchange and trading platform.

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Iqbal Singh

Chief Blockchain Architect

Solution Provider with 15+ years experience in Blockchain, IT, IoT and RIA industry. I provide Business Solutions based on Bitcoin, Ethereum and R3 Corda Blockchain!!

Data Science, Algorithms and Cryptography(SHA256, X11, scrypt)

Blockchain, ICO, Coin, ERC20, Exchange, BTC & ETH Expert Architect.

Guiding the team, if required getting into low level like Architecture/ Code of that technology

Ensuring process compliance on internal and external tasks/ deliveries

Anticipating Project and other resource/logistic risks


Fabien Bouhier

Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain Entrepreneur & Smart Contract developer

Member Board of Advisors at Nanotechnology World Network


AXE Token: An advertising platform allowing publishers, developers and users to share their data using Smart Contracts, currently in Pre-ICO sale this month and aiming to raise $17M by July.

Nanotechnology World Network: Largest network in world, launching NanoMarket allowing businesses to trade their products worldwide and NanoHub a seed funding incubator with fully equipped makerspace for a year to develop their products in Singapore - ecosystem is run on Smart Contracts through private blockchain.

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Dennis McMahon

Chief Strategy Officer

Business and marketing advisor for 26+ years, have a deep knowledge of sales and business – especially the challenges facing SMEs in a fast changing world.

This means understanding their business, knowing their problems and helping them see better solutions, and then making sure the business can deliver on those solutions, every time.

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Grace Lim

Chief Marketing Officer

Regional Head of Marketing-Asia Pacific at Morpheus Labs, Singapore - an integrated blockchain platform to rapidly develop, test and deploy enterprise blockchain applications at a fraction of the cost. The platform can also be used by individual developers.

She is responsible for Asia Pacific region, with predominant focus on Singapore. She will strive to connect with communities and enterprises.

Her background: Grace has over 10 years of experience of Marketing in Technology industries such as Mobile Tech, Telco Tech and the latest venture, FinTech & Blockchain Tech. She has been responsible for overall strategy planning in Digital Marketing and GTM plans for transformative programs, products launching & commercialization, projects & campaigns management.

She possesses extensive experiences in regional partnership and delivered collaboration across APAC marketing functions across press media, online advertising, digital commerce, UX testing & optimization, marketing communications & operations, events engagement & insights as well as PR & social media.

Besides this, she has experience in a few project teams in Telco and Fintech companies, managing end-to-end process which focus on R&D of technology till implementation stage to completion of roll out.

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